SuperArgo where are you? by Ben from 3 July 2019

Sometimes people disappear, and I wish I knew why. This is something that has always plagued me. I need to know the end of the story. I need to know what happened. Whatever the results are doesn't matter. I just need to know the story sometime.

In highschool, I was a massive fan of a dude named SuperArgo from Lawrence, KS. He opened for an MC Chris show and blew my mind. His form of electronic music was new to me. He introduced me to what would become later chiptune music. I bought a couple of his CDs. I remember always wanting to go back to see another one of his shows. I listened to both discs about 100 times.

So, I find myself today sitting and thinking and internally asking myself: what happened to SuperArgo? So I went to his website. His website is down. It is kaput. Gone. His digital legacy wiped away. I went through my big old stack of disks I had laying around in spindles.. Nothing… can't find the CD’s I had bought. I dug up some old drives that I had.. Nothing. About 2 years ago I lost all my data and have been re-hoarding every since. He was a casualty of that loss, apparently. I remembered he had some songs on myspace, but myspace recently lost all their historical data… myspace still has the track names and such but they don't load, so again his songs are gone.

He also used to put his songs on a website called MicroMusic. This site does exist still and does have 2 of his songs available to listen to. However, they won't let you download them without joining up. So I signed up, however, I think that the account creation process is not automated. I never received an email confirming my membership. So….. this leaves me again unable to find alot of his music and unable to keep what I did find. I started going over the code using FireFox's built in tools. By analyzing the code that loaded on MicroMusic I was able to figure out the url that the browser was requesting when you click play. Analyzing this url showed me that the content has a set ID. All you need to know is the ID of the song you want and then you can download any song or all the songs on MicroMusic. I also found that if you omit the user id from the url it will let you download any song without checking to make sure you have session lasting less than 15 minutes. I may or may not have taken a copy of the sites songs. I think they won't be lasting much longer, so preserving these things seems appropriate. However, I will share the 2 SuperArgo song I was able to get from there. I think this site may be about to go as well. Its last song upload was 2018 and 2017 before that... 0_0 ... not good!

So, as I start to run out of options to find this long lost music that I remember loving so much. All this and so far all I’ve gotten is 2 songs. I turn to the old Way Back Machine. It does have archives of the SuperArgo site going all the way back to the beginning. However. this only nets me one song to download. There are three listed. One goes to MicroMusic, one actually downloads, and the other does not. So, I downloaded the one song of his I could get from the Way Back Machine. Which now brings me to 3 songs total. I also started using the WBM to scour deeper. I wanna find this dude.. Find his name, see if he has a Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Linkedin or something like that. Any other web presence that I can use to get me one step closer to a discography.

Going through the older versions of his site I couldn’t find any of the old journal entries. I think they linked outside the site, but I was able to find an older info page that had his name and birthdate on it. I am clearly not going to share this with any of you, privacy and all that. I don't wanna dox some random dude. However, I am fairly certain that I have found him and his FB page. I after I found his name I was able to also find a couple articles about the band written on a couple websites and I was able to click through the links from to find yet another song. So thats 4 songs now. I also found on a podcast that he did. It has a couple cuts from some songs I also cannot find. I also found a song on Youtube that I converted into an MP3. So not including the podcast that’s like 5 songs. After all that.. Just 5. But that is better than no songs i guess.

From what I can tell he may now work at the production company that I originally bought his CD from when I was in highschool, but that's unconfirmed. I found his twitter that indicated as much. It all seems unused since about last year however. He seems to have dropped off again.

I reached out to him on Facebook. He never responded to my message. I might try twitter. Maybe I’ll never reach him. He may not be active. He may hate his SuperArgo alternative ego. He may be afraid of it. Afraid of the melting faces he left behind in the bars all those years ago. I may never know. I am going to share all the songs that I have found and the podcast. If he doesn’t like that I’ll take em on down. Maybe he will read this article and send me a copy of the disks. If you guys have any SuperArgo CD rips or anything like that please send them to me. I wanna know what happened.


So SuperArgo's human form contacted me. It was the guy I thought it was. He was really nice and congenial. He asked that I remove the music from the site. No bigs. I still left a list of track names but I have removed the links and files. No problemo, I mean it is his music. As if hunting him down on the internet wasn't creepy enough I proceeded to ask him some personal questions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll keep his replys to myself but at least I know some more of the story.