Coding lately by Ben from 8 February 2019

I have been doing a lot of coding lately. I have been switching all my apps from Sharpdevelop To Visual Studios. Normally this typa nerd talk would be relegated strictly to my security blog. However, I just wanted to take some time out to talk about how much I have been enjoying it.
Working on my Store Checker application for work has been very challenging, in a good way for me. I have been forced to re-learn and re-write a lot of my older code and it has been a fun trip down memory lane so far. Getting back into an older frame of mind and remembering how things flowed and why things were done the way they were can be a trip. Figuring out solutions to problems I was stuck on back in the day has been very rewarding in terms of my self worth lately. Sometimes knowing you have a little bit of control can go a long way.
As for my existing personal apps Ping Scanner, Port Knock, and TraceMON updating all of them and fixing up their UIs a bit has been pretty rewarding as well. These tools represent my intellectual journey into programming and computer security. I'd like my applications to represent me as a programmer/nerd. They are like my digital resume so to speak. Having a smoother UI and better code never hurts that goal.
And born out of necessity comes Time Keep. It's a pretty simple application but I have thoroughly enjoyed making something new... birthing something into the world. My only hope is that people will find it helpful. For me it fulfills it simple purpose perfectly.
I've been pretty low lately. Home and work are stressful sometimes and getting to sit down and figure some code out is just the intellectual stretch that I have been needing to me keep going.